MedPAN continues to reinforce synergies with other networks of MPA managers beyond the Mediterranean

We invite you to join this webinar for the presentation of the results of the French Biodiversity Study on Marine Turtles and Regional Seas Conventions, and the progress of the IUCN-SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group on the development of global and standardized criteria for IMTA (Important Marine Turtle Area). Presentation is lead by the French Agency of Biodiversity and MedPAN, under the umbrella of the EU Funded Project “Ocean Governance: protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies, South Asia and Atlantic Ocean Basin”.

The webinar will be held in English (on 8 March), French (on 9 March), and Spanish (on 11 March). You can register using the corresponding link:

Register for the webinar in English happening on Monday 8 March at 16:30 CET.

Register for the webinar in French happening on Tuesday 9 March at 16:30 CET

Register for the webinar in Spanish happening on Thursday 11 March at 16:30 CET