The MedPAN Network

The network of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) managers in the Mediterranean, MedPAN, promotes MPA management effectiveness and healthy marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean through information, experience sharing and MPA financial support as the voice of MPA, managers to support policies and engage with other stakeholders.

The network has existed since the 90s. It is run since 2008 by the MedPAN organisation, a permanent, independent, and non-profit making non-governmental structure, established, at the request of MPA managers, as an association under French law, with dedicated funds. The MedPAN Board of Directors, which is the main governance body of the organisation, is made of 13 organisations from 6 different European countries and 2 non-European Mediterranean countries. Moreover, the MedPAN General Assembly that meets every year gathers all members and partners of the network to approve the yearly activity plan and report. MedPAN has a Scientific Committee made of key MPA experts to provide scientific advice on MedPAN actions. MedPAN has an Advisory Committee made of the main Mediterranean organisations working on MPAs, to better orientate the MedPAN activities and explore synergies. Finally, coordination of the network is ensured by an 8-people Secretariat based in Marseille, France.

The MedPAN network currently gathers 78 member organisations, that are MPA managers, and 49 official partners, that are organisations contributing to MPA creation and management, from 8 European countries (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Spain) and 13 Mediterranean non-European countries (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey). Together they are responsible for the management of over 110 Marine Protected Areas (national parks, marine parks and reserves, Natura 2000 marine sites, regional parks, and many more designations) across the Mediterranean, representing more than 90% of the total Mediterranean MPAs that are effectively managed.

The vision of MedPAN is a healthy marine and coastal ecosystem, under decreasing threats and with appropriate protection, at the European level, in the Mediterranean and in the Global Seas providing sustainable goods and services for the well-being of societies now and in the future.

The mission of MedPAN is to actively contribute to the achievement of a representative, connected, integrated and effectively managed system of Mediterranean MPAs, through a strong and active networking of MPA managers and other actors that increases knowledge and capacities of MPAs while improving awareness, MPA policy and funding.

MedPAN provides technical support to MPAs directly at the local level as well as through coordinated actions at the Mediterranean level with innovative and effective solutions, sharing of experience, a capacity-building programme and harmonised knowledge and data on MPAs.

MedPAN also works at national, European, Mediterranean and International levels with strategic activities. The strength of MedPAN lies in its ability to make the link between experiences on the ground and decision-making processes. To do so, MedPAN acts as a channel between the local MPA level and European, Mediterranean and International levels. MedPAN provides a coordinated input to policy by voicing the concerns, obstacles and feedback of MPA managers… MedPAN has a bottom-up approach rooting its actions and communications in concrete field experience to raise awareness, inform and influence authorities, decision-makers, the general public, key economic sectors and donors.

MedPAN works with a large partnership approach to developing its activities. This includes its members and partners, as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations at local, national, Mediterranean and international levels. As a network, MedPAN leverages the experience of MPA managers, mobilises and develops cooperation with Mediterranean partners, establishes thematic working groups, but also creates connections with national and sub-regional networks of MPA managers and joins forces with other regional networks of MPA managers worldwide, especially at Transatlantic level.

MedPAN continuously builds on best practices and networking experience, while giving visibility to MPA challenges and being on the lookout for changes in marine protection policy priorities, in Europe, in the Mediterranean and worldwide.

The fields of expertise of MedPAN are related to sustainable small-scale fisheries, tourism management in MPAs, management effectiveness, sustainable financing and mobile species conservation. 

MPA managers’ networks are recognised as a cornerstone of MPA performance. They build “MPA communities” at all levels, by connecting marine planners and managers, decision-makers, scientists and other stakeholders, working towards the same overall goal of healthy, sustainable oceans and coasts.

MedPAN functioning and governance

The MedPAN organisation is a French-based association, but MedPAN is recognised as an equivalent public body by the EC rules as MedPAN is composed of a majority of public administrations in the Mediterranean. 

The governance approach of MedPAN is not the one of a “classical” NGO but is more related to a network approach. The MedPAN governance is mainly based on its members that are MPA managers in the Mediterranean. This is reflected in the composition of the MedPAN Board of Directors and MedPAN General Assembly. 

The functioning of MedPAN also relies on a permanent Secretariat based in Marseille and is made of a team of 8 permanent staff (an Executive Secretary that coordinates the team, 4 transversal managers: financial, scientific, communication, MPA support; and 3 specific officers: data, project, communication and logistic support). 

The Secretariat works under the direct supervision of the MedPAN Board of Directors which meets regularly and is very active to ensure that MedPAN actions answer to MPA managers’ needs.

Job description

Tasks of the Event Logistics Officer:

The Event Logistics Officer position will coordinate the logistics of all MedPAN events and will be in charge of the network’s contact directory in CiviCRM.

He/she will be the main liaison with participants, partners and services providers before and during the events. As CRM Officer, he/she will be responsible for the daily liaison between the Secretariat and the CRM software (CiviCRM).

His (her) mission will include in particular:

  • Upon taking up the position: Organising and transferring the 6000 contacts hosted in MailChimp into CiviCRM. For this, contacts will first need to be checked and categorised with the support of the Secretariat. Contacts will be structured in CiviCRM into individuals and organisations and assigned to different categories (e.g. members, partners, funders, General Assembly, MPA managers, working groups, thematic expertise, etc).  An opt-in procedure will have to be set up to allow the import of contacts into CiviCRM in compliance with the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Daily management of the network contact directory in CiviCRM: maintenance and updating of the directory, registration and categorisation of contacts (GDPR-compliant opt-in procedure), and export of segments in different formats at the request of the Secretariat.
  • Preparation and implementation of MedPAN events: selecting events venues with in some cases the support from a local agency, selection of service providers for accommodation and meals, airport transfers, meeting rooms, interpreters audio/video equipment, host and hostess agency and other logistic service providers to be planned, managing the event coordinating field trips with our local partners 
  • Registration management and logistics follow-up of participants: setting up online registration platforms (using LimeSurvey or, if suitable, the Drupal webform or CiviCRM features of MedPAN’s new website), launching and managing invitation and registration campaigns (often coupled with a call for contributions), updating and sharing participants list and logistic data internally and with service providers and partners (using dynamic Google Spreadsheets), coordinating the travel agency, issuing rooming lists, issuing official invitation letters for visa support and administrative authorisations, providing updated practical information to participants.
  • Support budgetary mastery and monitoring of the events (from the provisional budget to the final budget) under the supervision of the Financial Manager.
  • Logistic coordination on site, together with a local agency or a team of volunteers (airport transfers, welcoming and supervision of participants, liaison with hotels and coordination of service providers, setup and technical coordination of meeting rooms and hybrid conferencing, field trips, social events, problem-solving).
  • Coordination of online events: setting up webinars or online training sessions, managing online registrations, managing service providers for hybrid events, providing technical support during online events, 
  • Coordination of MedPAN participation in external events: managing travels (visas, registrations, hotels), booth equipment, sending communication materials
  • Coordination of MedPAN governance bodies meetings logistics

Position under the supervision of the Executive Secretary. The position works in close collaboration with the MPA support manager, data officer, communication manager, scientific manager, policy manager and financial manager.

Requested qualifications / Knowledge / Experience

  • Post-graduate (at least 2 years)
  • At least 3 years of experience in event logistics (. Certificates or recommendation letters that prove such experience (and/or internships) must be attached to the application.
  • An international professional experience is mandatory.
  • Fluency in spoken and written French and English is required. A good knowledge of another Mediterranean language would be an asset. 
  • Written and oral expression mastered. Writing skills.
  • Experience in CRM systems and expert level on Excel and/or Google spreadsheets mandatory (e.g. VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH, QUERY, IMPORT RANGE, Advanced conditional formatting, Pivot tables, etc)
  • Experience with CiviCRM, Drupal Webform and Limesurvey would be an asset. Training on these tools may be provided at the beginning of the position.
  • Proficiency in MS Office and Google applications
  • Multi-tasker with great organisational skills
  • Ability to handle multiple events simultaneously
  • Ability to manage a range of activities effectively to deadline and under pressure
  • Energetic and highly organised, with exceptional attention to detail
  •  Personal qualities: the ability to take initiative, the ability to work in a team and a network, communication and interpersonal skills, adaptability, and thoroughness.
  • Flexibility for frequent travel around the Mediterranean region

The candidates should provide MedPAN with a detailed C.V. as well as a copy of documents confirming their experience (e.g. contract, employment letter, project reports, publications, etc…). 

Contract period and location

  • This is a non-permanent full-time contract of 18 months, starting from January 2023, with a trial period of 1 month.
  • This position will be based at the MedPAN Organisation headquarters in Marseille, France. 
  • Salary based on the French national collective agreement “ECLAT” (Group G, coefficient 430).


Thanks for sending your application before 5th December 2022, to 

  • CV in English or French and documents confirming the experience, 
  • Cover letter in English and French, detailing how the candidate answers the qualifications required and the job description, and what motivates the candidates to apply for this position. 

Please note that short-listed applicants will be invited for an interview preceded by a written exercise. The selection will be based on the quality and diversity of the experience of the applicants in relation to the stated job requirements as well as the number of years of experience.