The development and implementation of the MedPAN Regular Training Programme accelerated in April and May this year.

Two training courses for the conservation of marine turtles.

A training course on “Marine turtle conservation at sea across Mediterranean MPAs” took place in Zakynthos, Greece, at the beginning of May in collaboration with Zakynthos National Marine Park and with the support of ALan Rees. Eleven MPA managers from 7 countries participated in this training course, which took place over a 3-day programme focusing on fieldwork and practical activities.

From the collection, processing, mapping and interpretation of data on species, habitats and pressures, to the identification of management measures, this field training aimed to guide participants in the design and practical implementation of a monitoring and management strategy for marine turtles in their MPAs. The training approach is based on the guide “Marine Turtles in Mediterranean MPAs: a monitoring and management guide” and its decision trees to assess and develop actions for marine turtle conservation based on useful management data and in line with the regional monitoring requirements of the EU MSFD and the IMAP EcAp approach of the Barcelona Convention.

Prior to this week of training in Zakynthos, all the participants had followed the online training course “Getting started with marine turtle conservation“. This entirely distance learning course, alternating autonomous learning (video tutorials and self-assessments) and supervised sessions with the trainer, enabled some 20 MPA managers (14 countries) to acquire the theoretical and methodological knowledge base required for the implementation of a marine turtle conservation strategy.

The video tutorials and self-assessments are freely accessible from the MedPAN website, allowing everyone to acquire this basic knowledge. The added value of these 2 training courses lies in the interaction with the trainer and the progression of learning from theory to practice. New sessions will be scheduled from 2023 onwards to respond to the large need recorded in the Mediterranean (90 requests for participation received!).

A first training on fisheries

Last week, the participants of the training course “Building participatory approaches to fisheries management in your MPA” met in Akyaka, Turkey. Developed and organised in collaboration with the Mediterranean Conservation Society and with the support of Anne Walton, Kate Hogg and David Cabana, this training course invited MPA managers and fishers or fisher’s representatives in pairs.

Designed as an interactive and participatory workshop, this 4-day training course aims to provide managers and fishers with key knowledge and skills, as well as tools to build trust and confidence to work cooperatively to conserve ecosystems and maintain sustainable fishing activity.

With the participation of 35 managers/fishers from 8 countries, this training was very much appreciated by all and allowed these tandems to strengthen themselves to find even more efficient ways of working together.

The materials for this training are freely available on the MedPAN website. In order to respond to the numerous requests for participation, new sessions of this training will be scheduled in the near future.

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