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The FISHERIES training cyle is currently composed of the following training course:

Build participatory approaches to the management of fishing activities in your MPA

Developed by MedPAN, in conjunction with the Mediterranean Conservation Society (Gökova SEPA), Turkey, and with the support of Anne Walton and Kate Hogg.

This is a 4-day in-person training course.

This training is intended for MPA managers and fishers or fishers’ representatives who participate in pairs. It is designed as an interactive and participatory workshop to provide managers and fishers with key knowledge and skills, as well as tools to improve trust and start working cooperatively on addressing complex issues facing fisheries in MPAs, with effects both on natural resources and the viability of fishing communities. Throughout the training, each participant is able to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of all. One also learns directly from the experience of MPA managers and fishers in Gökova MPA (Turkey), where the training takes place, providing examples of many of the principles and practices that are addressed. The topics covered during this 4-day workshop provide a better understanding of some of the biophysical, social, governance and economic influences that need to be taken into account to identify and share solutions for sustainable fisheries.

The first session of this training course took place from 23-26 May 2022 in Akyaka, Turkey with about 35 participants from 8 countries.