We are happy to announce that the publication “the Governance of Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean – a Handbook”, by B. Shipman and Ž. Rajković, has recently been published.

Despite their benefits for nature and human beings, Mediterranean wetlands, especially those on the coasts, are among the most fragile and threatened ecosystems and are declining at an alarming rate. It is urgent therefore to promote actions to achieve the preservation of the coastal and island wetlands of high ecological values. This should create an enabling environment for sustainable conditions and uses of these ecosystems, through the mechanisms of good, effective and equitable governance.

This Handbook is designed as a practical guide for the governance of coastal wetlands around the Mediterranean, whether they are formally protected as Ramsar Sites, those designated under national or local legislation, or those lacking any formal protection. It takes into account the principles and practice of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), and the tools offered by the two relevant conventions: the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and the Barcelona Convention (UNEP/MAP).

The Handbook also contains linked, easy to use, on-line planning tools to help design efficient governance models. 

The handbook (in pdf) and the the Self-Assessment and Planning Tool (in xlsx) are also available in different languages:

– AlbanianHandbook    |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– ArabicHandbook    |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– CroatianHandbook    |  Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– FrenchHandbook    |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– GreekHandbook   |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– ItalianHandbook   |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– SlovenianHandbook   |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool
– SpanishHandbook    |   Self-Assessment and Planning Tool