The final event of the FishMPABlue2 project took place last week in Rome at the GFCM headquarters. This gathering aimed at taking the results of the projects one step further to support the development of sound collaborations between Small Scale Fishers and Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers that are key to achieve the long term sustainability of Small Scale Fisheries operations.

FishMPABlue2 final event

Fishery policy makers, representatives of environmental institutions and officials from several European countries were present alongside project partners to discuss the main outcomes of the projects and identify the gaps to be addressed at national level to support co-management processes.

During 3 simultaneous Think Tanks, the participants had an opportunity to exchange around the monitoring methodologies that were used to assess the ecological and socio-economic results of the project, the management solutions that were tested in 11 MPAs and the governance issues related to Small Scale Fisheries in and around MPAs.

Recommendations of the final event will be available soon.

The inauguration of an artistic photographic exhibition showcasing some fishers of the project concluded the final event with style and pride.

Carlo Gianferro – “Cittadini del mare”

The exhibition “Cittadini del mare” is the result of 9 months of work by portrait photography specialist Carlo Gianferro, who captured the daily life of artisanal fishers working in four different Marine Protected Areas: Telascica nature park in Croatia, Cap Roux fisheries reserve in France, Zakynthos National Marine Park in Greece and Egadi Islands MPA in Italy. The beautiful images capture the symbiotic relationship between artisanal fishers and marine ecosystems and, above all, the central importance of their role in the protection and conservation of our greatest heritage, the Mediterranean Sea. Raising the awareness of the general public through their emotions is a complementary way to garner more support for fishers and conservationists working together to ensure the health of the Mediterranean sea.

The exhibition will be shown at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere until the end of October. If you are in Rome, don’t miss it (Piazza Sant’Egidio 1/b).