Recreational boating is a significant nature-based activity, which is especially popular in the Mediterranean region.

This study analyses boating activity from 2006 to 2016 in the Portofino MPA (Italy, Mediterranean Sea) in order to evaluate the maximum turnout and to provide management considerations to better achieve conservation and environmental management of an MPA.

Following the obtained results, the authors state that only some anchoring sectors of the Portofino MPA may suffer impacts from recreational boating. It is highlighted that one of the most visited sectors in the MPA is equipped with seagrass-friendly moorings, which show a good acceptance by the recreational boaters. The authors suggest that this can be a support for the MPA management to implement measures for increasing the number of seagrass-friendly mooring also in other MPA zones, where free anchoring is allowed and anchoring on Posidonia oceanica occurs.

It is concluded that the seagrass-friendly mooring together with a higher delimitation of the useful areas may represent an optimal strategy to be implemented for an improvement of the environmental status, considering in advance the social acceptability of these interventions, and promoting a dialogue with the recreational boater.

Venturini et al. (2018) Recreational boating in the Portofiño Marine Protected Area (MPA), Italy: Characterization and analysis in the last decade (2006-2012) and some considerations on management. Marine Policy