To develop the operational capacity of MPA managers, MedPAN has implemented since 2019 a Regular Training Programme.
A training session about Financing named “Developing and implementing a fundraising strategy for Marine Protected Areas” started in September 2022 and was delivered in a hybrid format, combining distance learning and a 4-day face-to-face session in Monastir, Tunisia.

19 participants from 5 Mediterranean countries (Croatia, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey) participated in this hybrid training, first online and then face-to-face in the brand new training centre implemented by Notre Grand Bleu in Monastir, Tunisia.

The course about developing and implementing a fundraising strategy for Marine Protected Areas was divided into 8 training modules:

  • Module 1: Key steps of a fundraising strategy
  • Module 2: Financial needs assessment (cost-benefit analysis)
  • Module 3: Donor mapping
  • Module 4: Definition of a fundraising communication strategy
  • Module 5: Engaging and negotiating with donors
  • Module 6: Innovative funding sources and CTFs
  • Module 7: How to develop a fundraising proposal
  • Module 8: Defining a comprehensive fundraising strategy

Throughout the training, participants worked on their “Fundraising Strategy Canvas”, a dedicated tool for the development of a fundraising strategy for Marine Protected Areas. This turnkey tool was presented to participants at the beginning of the e-learning session and was completed throughout the course. At the end of the course, participants formalised a preliminary fundraising strategy. 

Participants visited Kuriat Islands during a field trip

102 requests to participate in this training session were received. Further sessions will be scheduled in the future to address this widespread need for fundraising capacity across Mediterranean MPAs. Teaching materials used in this training course will be soon available to the MPA community on the MedPAN website.

Thanks to all participants, thanks to Notre Grand Bleu and APAL for hosting this session in Monastir, thanks to Brijuni National Park for providing their co-leadership in this training, and thanks to Rio Impact that supported us in leading this training.

MedPAN Training - Fundraising Strategy for MPAs - Monastir - Sept 2022

This training was supported by: the MAVA Foundation (MPA/no-take project), the FFEM COGITO project, the ENI CBC Med ENSERES project, Sigrid Rausing Trust, the LIFE Programme of the European Union, the Global Environment Facility, the OFB (French Biodiversity Office), the City of Marseille and CD13.