Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environmental Status.

Marine aquaculture is a developing sector in the Mediterranean. The PHAROS4MPAs project has just released recommendations on the interactions between MPAs and aquaculture in the Mediterranean. This work carried out by CNR/ISMAR in collaboration with WWF and other organisations includes :

  • Unpublished maps of interactions between aquaculture and MPAs and marine Natura 2000 sites
  • Synthesis tables on impacts 
  • A specific analysis relevant for marine protected areas and marine Natura 2000 sites
  • A set of Meditterranean-specific recommendations targeting MPA managers and Maritime Spatial Planning authorities

The PHAROS4MPAs project will be organising a webinar in January 2020 to present these recommendations in an interactive format. Interested to join? Contact Catherine Piante to register.

The development of Blue Economy and Maritime Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean represents a transnational challenge for MPAs. Many maritime sectors are likely to operate more frequently inside and in the vicinity of MPAs with expected growing environmental impacts, while at the same time, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires to reach Good Environmental Status of the European Seas by 2020. The PHAROS4MPAs project has just delivered an integrated framework for recommendations on the necessary practical collaboration between Mediterranean MPAs and 7 maritime sectors:  Offshore windfarms, maritime traffic and ports, cruise & super yachts, leisure boating, recreational fisheries, aquaculture, small scale fisheries. PHAROS4MPAs is an Interreg project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 

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