Zoning plan of Taza future Marine Protected Area

On 24 May, the Wilaya Commission for the classification of protected areas validated the request for classification of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Taza submitted by the eponymous national park. This is the final stretch before the official creation of the MPA of Taza, which now only requires the Wali to issue a decree to specify the classification and a final phase that will be the responsibility of the national commission.

The project to classify the MPA of Taza that is adjacent to  Taza National Park began in 2009 with a pilot project under the MedPAN South Project led by the WWF Mediterranean. In 12 years, and thanks to the committed and unwavering work of a few visionaries, the future MPA of Taza now has a management plan that was developed through a consultative and participatory process with stakeholders and has become increasingly active over the years. Although still unofficial, the teams are already implementing numerous actions, particularly in relation with the development of sustainable tourism and the promotion of the cultural heritage, public awareness of the marine environment and the development of pescatourism to support artisanal fishers engaged in sustainable practices (Algeria is the first country on the southern shore to have published a decree regulating pescatourism in 2017).

However, the official declaration of the MPA is still eagerly awaited in order to be able to truly implement the objectives of the management plan to preserve the wealth of this territory.