The genus Pinna includes two species in the Mediterranean Sea: Pinna nobilis and Pinna rudis. Both these species are under threat from multiple stressors. Pinna nobilis, in particular, has been exhibiting mass mortality events since 2016.

This study explored for the first time the populations and distributions of these species in the Maltese archipelago by collating information collected between 2006 and 2019 through a number of SCUBA underwater visual census monitoring programs. This information was completed by deploying citizen science: recreational SCUBA divers worked as citizen scientists, providing data on the distribution of these two endangered species

The authors conclude that this information can be used for assessing the conservation status of P. nobilis and P. rudis in Maltese waters, whilst contributing to the next generation of ocean-literate citizens.

Deidun et al. (2022) Ocean literacy and scientific data acquisition through citizen science campaigns: a mixed approach in the Maltese Islands to collect information on Pinna nobilis and Pinna rudis. Mediterranean Marine Science 23:357-365.