Following MedPAN’s participation in the Transatlantic MPA twinning project to develop collaborations between regional networks of MPA managers at Transatlantic level, MedPAN is now involved in the continuation of the project named “The Ocean Governance project” to continue reinforcing synergies with other networks of MPA managers beyond the Mediterranean.  This three-year project (January 2020-December 2022) is funded by the EU Partnership Instrument.

It builds on the Transatlantic MPA Network Project, which was financed by the EU from 2016-2019, and aimed to establish the European Union (EU) as a global actor in international ocean governance. It applies an integrated and cross-sectoral approach using regional and interregional cooperation relevant to the restoration and protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

The Ocean Governance project is implementing activities in two areas: South East Asia and the Atlantic Basin and is divided into 3 components:

Component 1: Increased knowledge and practice of protecting and restoring marine and coastal ecosystems in three selected MPA in South East Asia

The project is selecting sites for restoration in the ‘Coral Triangle’, an area in South East Asia with the highest concentration of marine species on the planet. Sites will be located in the Sulu Sulawesi seascape, one of the most diverse and productive marine ecosystems in the world, shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Restoration sites and methods will be selected according to the current international standards and knowledge, with activities building on lessons learned in the region and worldwide.

Activities may include:

  • Creation of artificial habitats
  • Planting of mangrove trees or seagrass
  • Maintenance of key nursery habitats (coral reefs, mangroves, salt marshes, seagrass meadows)

Component 2: Improved management of MPA around the Atlantic Ocean using the concept of shared environmental protection

This project will build on the previous EU-funded MPA transatlantic project to build dialogue around the Atlantic Basin by developing partnerships between MPAs to improve their effective management. It will provide continuity to the three twinning projects already established:

  • Cooperation and common strategy between MPA networks of managers in the Atlantic region
  • MPAs and coastal resilience, coping with rapid changes
  • Marine mammals’ protection, a way to enhance transatlantic cooperation between MPAs

Component 3: Strengthened knowledge exchange between Atlantic and South-East Asian marine and coastal regions

The project will enable knowledge-sharing by project partners within and between the Atlantic and South-East Asian marine and coastal regions. Two regional workshops will be organised at restoration sites in South East Asia. An additional workshop will take place in Brussels as part of the project’s final conference. The regional workshops will focus on sharing knowledge on practical topics, such as coral reef management, rehabilitation of marine and coastal ecosystems, policy support of MPA networks or transboundary protected area management.

Component 4: Improved basis for dialogue among marine and coastal stakeholders in the South East Asian region

Closely connected to the other components, the objective of this component is to improve dialogue between stakeholders that share common marine and coastal resources in South East Asia. To this end, the project will create a platform for dialogue to promote networking among actors and stakeholders in marine conservation.

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