The Global Ocean Refuge System brings together the world’s best protected ocean places and the people that care about them.

The Global Ocean Refuge System is an initiative by Marine Conservation Institute designed to catalyze strong protection for at least 30% of the ecosystems in each marine biogeographic region of the world’s oceans, from the tropical seas to the polar oceans and from coastlines to the deepest trenches. By becoming a Global Ocean Refuge, an MPA is recognized as providing strong protection that significantly contributes to marine biodiversity conservation and fosters resilience to climate change.

The Global Ocean Refuge System provides a substantial incentive for strong protection by publicly recognizing the outstanding conservation work of communities, managers, and NGOs safeguarding marine biodiversity with well-designed, strongly protected and effectively managed MPAs. From the smallest community conservation zone to the largest reserve, all implemented MPAs can be nominated to the Global Ocean Refuge System and join the movement to safeguard our seas and the life they contain.

There are currently 10 Ocean Refuges around the world, including one in the Mediterranean : The natural marine reserve of Cerbère-Banyuls.

Nominate the next Mediterranean MPA that will be the next ocean refuge system!