The Mediterranean is a fragile ecosystem. Although it represents only about 1% of the ocean’s surface, it is home to about 10% of the marine species known to date. It is also subject to ever-increasing pressure from human activities and the consequences of climate change.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been established around the world as tools to protect marine ecosystems and conserve biodiversity while contributing to local development. However, due to a lack of financing and policy support, many of the MPAs created in the Mediterranean to date have not been sufficient to meet their objective of preserving marine environments.

To address this issue, the MedFund, the environmental fund for Mediterranean MPAs, and MedPAN, the network of Mediterranean MPA managers, will work together with Conservation International to lead a new Global Environment Facility-funded project “Build Back A Blue and Stronger Mediterranean,” to provide comprehensive and integrated support to improve the management of these protected areas.

Through this project, financial support will be provided to twenty nationally-designated and new MPAs, covering nearly 220,000 hectares across six Mediterranean countries – Albania, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro and Tunisia. The project will also provide training and support to improve the management capacities of existing protected areas across the region.

By strengthening the effectiveness of Mediterranean MPAs, this project will provide a major boost to contribute to the restoration and protection of fisheries resources and support the resilience of marine ecosystems for the benefit of local populations with an increased revenue from sustainable fisheries and the development of ecotourism.

The launch of the project will take place on October 28th, 2022 in Montenegro with the participation of representatives from the countries involved and the Mediterranean partner organisations.  

Key data

  • Project Objective: Strong, effective and sustainable management of Mediterranean marine protected areas to address global changes and to provide long-term socio-ecological benefits in the Mediterranean.
  • Beneficiary countries: Albania, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, and Tunisia
  • Implementing agency: Conservation International
  • Executing agencies: The MedFund (Environmental fund for Mediterranean MPAs) and MedPAN (Network of Mediterranean MPA managers)
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Funding: $5,450,000 funded by The Global Environment Facility – International Waters Focal Area; co-financing (in-kind and grants): $40,386,538
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