Purificacio Canals. received the St Jordi cross @ACN

The biologist Purificació Canals i Ventín, MedPAN’s president since 2009 but also professor and international consultant, was recently awarded The Creu de Sant Jordi (St. Georges Cross). This distinction is one of the highest that an individual or institution can receive from the Government of Catalonia, Spain. It is a great honour for her but what she is particularly proud of is that it specifically mentions her work on nature conservation and the management of Mediterranean MPAs. This is the translation of part of the official statement:

“In recognition of all her professional work, which has diversified permanently in different fields of knowledge of the biological sciences with social commitment in environmental issues, especially in nature conservation and the management of marine protected areas of the Mediterranean. She stands out for her participation in multiple panels of experts and national and international scientific advice and membership in the Conservatoire du littoral of the Government of France”. 

She expresses her thanks to the whole MedPAN network for the opportunity to have worked together all these years and make it possible that today nature conservation and MPA management is clearly considered as a relevant issue in our society.  

This distinction is already shedding a renewd light on Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas, which may open up new opportunities for funding and support.

Bravo Puri, and thanks for your unwavering commitment!