MedPAN is looking for a video maker to produce a short animation or a series of animated videos on the role and value of well-managed MPAs and strict protection in the Mediterranean.

The video will be targeted at the general public, especially visitors and users of MPAs and their local communities.

It will aim to:

  • to raise awareness of the role of MPAs, the importance of the work they do, and their usefulness in protecting diversity,
  • to show the importance and ingredients of effective management,
  • to highlight strict/strong protection areas, and illustrate their benefits.

Full details can be found in the terms of reference of the video. Applications should be sent to Magali MABARI and Emilie GRIMAUD, copy to Marie ROMANI, and received before 19 May 2021.


  • We work on animated videos only, not real footage, so 30 seconds more or less of animation can make a difference to the budget. Do you advise presenting a budget estimate for a 3min30 video (between 3 and 4 minutes) or 4 minutes (maximum time and cost)? This 4-minute budget can be adjusted if we realise that the video is shorter.

You can work on a 4-minute budget which will be the maximum time and indicate in the offer that it can be adjusted if the video lasts less time. This will avoid us having to increase the budget if the video is longer.

  • The scenario seems to be a collaborative work and will be developed after the offer is accepted. So our proposal should be essentially technical and aesthetic, right?

The script will indeed be developed in collaboration with the video provider and the MedPAN team. A committee representing some of our network members and partners will be able to share their comments and give us feedback on the script. We invite you to share some creative ideas for the script.

  • Can you tell us if the use of animated images is optional, and if we can think of other strategies to create a dynamic and engaging experience for the viewer, or if it is an imposed choice?

Animation is not an imposed choice, you can definitely think about other strategies. We mentioned animation in the call for tenders because we thought it was easier to create a universe that speaks to everyone (=all Mediterranean countries), but also because we will have a limited choice of real images, we do not have a library of rushes to use, we plan to solicit the members and partners of our network who have real/submarine images. If the service provider has a clear idea of what they need, they will be able to tell us what footage they need and we will know who to ask.

  • Is shooting in an MPA or MPAs an option?

Filming in an MPA is entirely possible, although travel costs should be included in the budget shown in the tender.

  • As far as the presence of possible characters is concerned, do you think that relying on “celebrities” clearly identified for their commitment to the protection of marine areas or the environment, in general, could be an option?

You can certainly use celebrities, but please note that the video will be broadcast throughout the Mediterranean, so it must remain universal. It is therefore preferable that the celebrity in question be known in all Mediterranean countries.

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