The Public Institution Nature of Šibenik-Knin County hosts an international scientific and professional conference under the working title “The importance of protected areas for preservation of natural and cultural heritage and sustainable development of the local community”, on 5-7th December 2022 in Šibenik, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its foundation.

Embodying the outstanding values of protected areas is a major challenge to the sustainable social and economic development of local communities in the county, which needs to be harmonised with the long-term objectives of protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritage. 

The goal of this event is to allow professionals to exchange their knowledge and experiences, which can contribute to the prosperity of the whole community, while making a contribution to the preservation of the original natural and aesthetic value and historical legacy despite foreseeable changes.

The topics covered will be: the role and importance of protected areas; management goals; ecological network management; legislative framework and planning instruments; state of exploration of natural and cultural heritage; threats and protection and preservation issues; marketing concept and ways of presentation; education and interpretation methods; forms and level of sustainable tourism; opportunities for the use of natural resources, economic development and the impact of protected areas on the development of the local community.

Registrations are open until 20th December 2021 !
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