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Because of its scale and its practices, sustainable small-scale fishing can be compatible with the objectives of Marine Protected Areas. Indeed in many places, MPA managers and small scale fishers have been working together and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems has brought tangible economic benefits for small scale fishers and their communities.

This is achieved with the empowerment of small-scale fishers to take an active part in fisheries management and in the protection of ecosystems. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the perfect testing grounds for such governance and management models where fishers are involved in the design and setup of no take zones, surveillance schemes, gear and targeted species regulations, monitoring…

Research and experience has proven that co-management of small scale fisheries in MPAs help restore the health of the marine environment through more equitable decision-making and better outcomes for fishers.

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Improve SSF governance and management practices in Mediterranean MPAs

Eleven Pilot MPAs in Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece successfully tested measures of the “regional-based governance toolkit” developed by the FishMPABlue 2 project. This toolkit aims to improve the governance and management practices of Mediterranean SSF in MPAs.

The detailed toolkit and technical support from the FishMPABlue2 team are available for Mediterranean MPAs and local fishing communities that wish to address SSF management or governance issues.

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