The MedPAN network is involved in the conservation of marine turtles in the Mediterranean. Under the umbrella of a vast project funded by the MAVA foundation and entitled “Conservation of marine turtles in the Mediterranean Region“, several partners are teaming up to reduce or eliminate human induced direct mortality of marine turtles in the Mediterranean. Activities fall within five strategies focusing on: research and monitoring, reinforced coordination, capacity building, improved management/protection of nesting sites and adaptive management in nesting, wintering and feeding sites, as well reduction of illegal trade.

The partners involved are: SPA/RAC, ARCHELON, DEKAMER, MEDASSET, MedPAN, National Marine Park of Zakynthos, WWF Greece and WWF Turkey.

A sample of MedPAN’s activities:

  • Integrate collected data on foraging, feeding and migration in MPAs into the MAPAMED database (2019)
  • Produce a guide on harmonised monitoring protocol for marine turtles (2018)*
  • Organise marine turtles exchange visits for MPA managers (2017 – Zakynthos Marine national Park)
  • Organise an annual workshop where MPA managers can share their experiences on marine turtle management (2019)
  • Develop training modules on marine turtles management issues (2019)
  • Coordinate a marine turtle working group ( 2018-2019)
  • Disseminate knowledge and lessons-learnt (2018-2019)
  • Advocate in national, regional and international events (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Support small projects focusing on marine turtles (2018 – 2019) – see small projects in Italy and Lebanon

* This guide also benefits from support from the UNEP/MAP project “MedMPA network” financed by the European Union


Conservation of Marine Turtles in the Mediterranean Region Project video