Project leader: Consortium Plemmirio – Italy

MPA: Plemmirio MPA

Theme: Habitat mapping

Background: Located on the eastern coast of Sicily, the marine protected area of Plemmirio was established in 2004 and is classified as a Specially Protected Area. In particular, it protects 2 species of the Nature Directives (the bottlenose dolphin and loggerhead sea turtle) and 3 habitat types of the Habitats Directive (Posidonia beds, reefs and submerged or partially submerged sea caves).

Project objectives: Biodiversity conservation depends on the protection of marine habitats. This project aims at increasing the knowledge of Plemmirio MPA managers and users on the spatial distribution of marine habitat types in this area. The project has for objective to map oceanographic variables, the upper limit of Posidonia seagrass meadows, the presence of the noble pen shell Pinna nobilis, and the occurrence of non-native fish species.

Duration: 6 months

Total budget: 22,400 €
MedPAN financing: 16 800 €

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