MPAs facing pollution in the Mediterranean: thinking beyond boundaries

28 Nov. / 1st Dec. 2017 – Izola, Slovenia

The 2017 Regional experience-sharing workshop of the MedPAN network gathered close to 120 players of the Mediterranean marine environment (17 countries represented), mainly MPA managers, for a 4-day event intertwined with the mid-term conference of the ACT4LITTER project (Interreg MED Programme) that aims to facilitate efforts for tackling marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs through the development of effective and targeted measures.
This workshop was held in association with the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and Strunjan Landscape Park.

Download the proceedings of the workshop.

2017 MedPAN workshop

Because the pollution that affects coastal and marine areas knows no boundaries, the challenge for MPAs and relevant stakeholders lies in the implementation of integrated management at spatial (land-sea), sectoral and governance levels of the territories. In addition to technical exchanges on management measures, this workshop will be an opportunity for MPA managers to capitalise on and share their field experience in local integrated management mechanisms related to pollution. Against this backdrop, the political frameworks in which pollution is addressed were also taken into account.

About 20 sessions of discussions introduced by 1 or 2 case studies were held and allowed participants to discuss common issues such as pollution monitoring, environmental policy tools and contracts, management of “polluting” leisure activities , controversial clean-up measures related to tourism, awareness raising and participatory science or the prefiguration of exchanges with major industrial sectors such as oil and gas, cruiseships or maritime transport. For more details on all the sessions of the workshop, download the programme of the workshop. These sessions produced recommendations that are analysed in the proceedings of the workshop. You can already consult the presentations and the preliminary recommendations by following these links: