Supporting Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is at the heart of MedPAN’s mission.

To this end, the network has set up a small projects scheme that aims to help MPAs provide a sustainable protection of biodiversity, while ensuring the sustainable economic development of human based activities.

These small projects provide direct support to MPA managers for the implementation of concrete actions, which will improve management effectiveness, test pilot schemes or put in place tools that can be useful to other MPAs.

The Calls for Small Projects aim to reinforce MPA management. These Calls for Small Projects are open to organisations that are in charge of the management of a Mediterranean MPA, as well as other organisations (NGOs, private companies, scientific institutions, etc.) working with authorities that are responsible for the management of Mediterranean MPAs.

The Call for Small Projects are made possible through the financial support of MAVA and Albert II of Monaco foundations, the FFEM and the UNEP/MAP “MedMPA network” project.

In summary

Since the beginning of the MedPAN Small Projects scheme in 2011:

  • 13 Call for Small Projects were launched
  • 45 projects were completed, 14 projects are ongoing
  • A total budget of € 980 778 was mobilised by MedPAN. Funding comes from the French Facility for Global Environment, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, MAVA Foundation and UNEP/MAP
  • Grants amount to € 10 000 – € 40 000 per project
  • The duration of the projects range from 6 to 18 months
  • Over 54 Mediterranean MPAs in 16 countries were supported.

Calls for Small Projects

There is no ongoing Call for Small Project.

Below is a list of the Calls for Small Project (CSP) launched since 2011 and number of projects implemented:

  • 2011 Regular CSP1 – 4 projects
  • 2012 Regular CSP2 – 10 projects
  • 2013 Regular CSP3 – 3 projects
  • 2014 Regular CSP – 9 projects
  • 2015 Regular CSP – 4 projects
  • 2017 Thematic CSP on Sustainable Financing and on Communication – 4 projects
  • 2017 Regular CSP – 7 projects
  • 2018 Regular CSP – 8 project
  • 2018 Thematic CSP on Habitat Mapping – 2 projects
  • 2018 Thematic CSP on Sustainable Management of Marine Turtles – 1 project (ongoing)
  • 2019 Thematic CSP on Habitat Mapping – 3 projects (ongoing)
  • 2019 Thematic CSP on Sustainable Management of Marine Turtles – 2 projects (ongoing)
  • 2019 Thematic CSP on MPA co-management approaches – 2 projects (ongoing)

Details on the projects selected under these calls.