LIFE Preparatory project LIFE ENABLE started in August 2021 and will last until July 2024.

Since August 2021, MedPAN is part of a LIFE Preparatory project called LIFE ENABLE that aims to enable all Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers, to become more effective, competent and confident nature management professionals. The project will use a blended learning approach to build capacities in core competencies required for effective nature management. Particular attention will be directed towards the management practices required by forest and marine ecosystem managers. 


This forward-looking three-year project is designed to build practical nature management capacity among Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers. The project aims to equip individuals and their organisations with the competencies they require to meet the challenges and opportunities of nature management in the coming decade. 

It will establish an enabling framework to create a training system for professional development that contributes to ensuring progress towards the realisation of the objectives and ambitions of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and underpinning policies.


The project is led by The EUROPARC Federation with the direct involvement of seven partners: 


The project will develop practical ways to enable Natura 2000 and protected area managers to meet the complex and multiple challenges faced by nature in Europe. 

A range of actions will be implemented to support practical capacity building for effective nature management, including the development of a competence-based training framework, new tools, and learning quality standards. 

The project will create the new ‘European Nature Academy’, a European training programme for nature managers. The Academy will provide innovative and creative online learning opportunities, combined with safe and carefully selected face-to-face learning when possible. 

According to their learning needs and interests, participants will be able to progress through basic, foundation and practitioner level courses covering various subjects and including a ‘train the trainer’ course. 

LIFE ENABLE will provide a strong evidence base about what can, could and should be provided for applied nature management capacity building. The project will test blended learning tools and approaches essential to the long-term protection of Europe’s biodiversity and our shared natural heritage. 



  • Neil McIntosh, Project Manager:
  • Sandra Grego, Project Officer:
The project and all actions are made possible with support from the LIFE financial of the European Community.