Here are some highlights from MedPAN’s participation and from key initiatives at Mediterranean and global level.

Thanks to the relentless energy of MedPAN’s President, Executive Secretary, the members of the Board of Directors and the Secretariat team, and thanks to the collaboration with our key partners in the Mediterranean and beyond, MedPAN was very active during the Congress and contributed to bring MPA managers’ needs and MPA managers networks in the limelight.

Invitation to the PAMEx

Puri Canals's speech at the PAMEx launch

Prior to the opening of the Congress, the PAMEx – The Mediterranean: a model sea by 2030 was launched and MedPAN was invited together with The MedFund to talk about MPA management needs, challenges and the value of networks. Purificació Canals delivered an inspirational speech with images of our network as a backdrop. This high level initiative gathers 8 Mediterranean governments and 5 international organisations. Axis 1 of the action plan specifically focuses on marine and coastal biodiversity preservation and names MedPAN as an initiative to support.

Replay of the PAMEx launch

Participation in a number of sesssions

MedPAN then contributed throughout the whole week to numerous sessions organised on the Mediterranean, the OFB, the Finance or the Ocean pavilions. The overarching message delivered is that strong networks of MPA managers on different geographical scales, be them local, national or regional, are key to support MPA management efficiency and reach the 2030 MPA targets. Working together, MPA managers can save time, focus, get heard, fundraise… Moreover, key messages were shared about the importance to connect these networks in the Mediterranean and at global scale, beyond the Mediterranean, to amplify the impact and create a large community of practices.

Session on the complementarity of networks on the OFB pavilion

Mediterranean Solutions

MedPAN was also among the 12 leading conservation organisations gathered on the Mediterranean Solutions Pavilion to highlight the main environmental threats, the cooperation conservation activities that have jointly been implemented and to discuss the future conservation challenges in the region. A replay of all the sessions is available on the IUCN Mediterranean Youtube channel:

A joint press release was issued at the end of the congress.

Mediterranean Solutions

The Mediterranean Solutions Pavilion was in particular the occasion to highlight the new Mediterranean Consortium for Biodiversity, but also the new global alliance in which MedPAN and the MedFund are involved (see below), and the new Highly Protected Mediterranean Initiative  of The MedFund (see below). It was also the occasion to highlight key outcomes and recommendations from the 2020-2021 Mediterranean MPA Forum  process.

Watch a short video that was produced on the Mediterranean Solutions pavilion:

In this video: Jean Jalbert - DG of Tour du Valat - #France Purificació Canals – President of MedPAN Hédi Chebili – DG of
Environment and Quaility of Life - #Tunisia Hugo Morán – State Secretary for the Environment - #Spain
Lefteris Arapakis – Director of Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center - #Cyprus Édouard Jean – Field manager for CAPTE /PPI-OSCAN - Tunisia Elena Pita
– Director of Fundación Biodiversidad - Spain Susana Salvador – Executive
Secretary of ACCOBAMS Blanca Moreno-Dodson
– Director of Center for Mediterranean Integration - France André Hoffmann –
President of MAVA Foundation

The Congress also saw the launch of the Global Alliance for Marine Protection between networks of MPA managers, conservation trust funds and networks of conservation trust funds initiated by MedPAN, RedLAC, Costa Rica por siempre, The MedFund and the Ocean Governance project and with support from several key partners: RAMPAO[, MARFund, CaMPAM, NAMPAN, Café. This launch was celebrated during an especially successful evening and presented the day after on central stage of the Finance Pavilion. In a nutshell, to achieve the 30×30 target, effective management and sustainable financing of MPAs needs to be boosted. Conservation Trust Funds, networks of Conservation Trust Funds and networks of MPA managers, at national and regional levels are joining forces at a global level to act as a global community of actors to support effectively managed and sustainably financed MPAs, to make sure the Post 2020 MPA targets are fully implemented on the ground.

Launch of the Global Alliance for Marine Protection

Finally The MedFund launched “The Highly Protected Mediterranean Initiative” on 7 September. Guided by science and encouraged by the commitments of several leaders to increase the number of MPAs with strong protection in the Mediterranean, The MedFund Board of Directors decided to create a new financing window dedicated to MPAs with a high level of protection. The MAVA Foundation supports this initiative, thus becoming the first partner to join this funding mechanism. The MedFund will issue a call for interest dedicated to highly protected MPAs at the end of 2021 in order to support them from 2022.

Launch of the Highly Protected Mediterranean Initiative

Marseille Manifesto

On a wider end note, IUCN published the Marseille Manifesto that aims to capture priorities through key messages that relate to the Congress proceedings, including notable and important commitments and announcements that emerged from Congress events. The focus is on the post-pandemic recovery and the biodiversity-climate crisis and the importance of pursuing collaboration and partnerships, promoting investments in nature and halting biodiversity loss by committing to a transformative, effective, and ambitious post-2020 global biodiversity framework. The Congress implores governments to set ambitious protected area and other effective  area-based conservation measure (OECM) targets by calling for at least 30% of the planet to be protected by 2030. It was also mentioned that ambitious quantitative  targets are insufficient unless there is commitment to effective implementation and meaningful funding for conservation.

 An IUCN Members-based process of review and advice finalised the statement, which was presented and welcomed by acclamation during the 8th sitting of the Members’ Assembly on 10 September 2021.

IUCN Members and partners  commit to deliver on key contributions that will be monitored within a new IUCN Platform.

Finally 137 motions and resolutions were adopted by IUCN Members:

You can watch a number of replays of the congress session on a free access including the opening ceremony.