One of the objectives of the LIFE IP INTEMARES project is to assess the impact of bottom trawling on the vulnerable benthic habitats of the circalittoral bottoms of the Menorca Channel (western Mediterranean), designated a Site of Community Importance (SCI) within the Natura 2000 network.

This study compared the epibenthic communities of four areas, subjected to different bottom trawl fishing intensity levels in the Menorca Channel.

The obtained results show negative impacts of bottom trawling on rhodoliths beds and the first signals of their recovery in areas recently closed to this fishery, which, as the authors state, indicate that this is an effective measure for the conservation of this habitat of special interest and must be included in the management plan required to declare the Menorca Channel as a Special Area of Conservation.

Farriols et al. (2022) Recovery signals of rhodoliths beds since bottom trawling ban in the SCI Menorca Channel (Western Mediterranean). Diversity 14:20.