The project COMING (Coordinated monitoring and management of sea turtle nesting activity in the western Mediterranean through MPA), led by the CT BETA from Fundació Universitària Balmes (UVic-UCC), has made significant advancements this summer.

Five Spanish and Italian MPAs (MPA Costes del Maresme; MPA Delta de l’Ebre; MPA Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta; MPA Santa Maria di Castellabate; MPA Isole Pelagie) are working together toward the protection of sea turtles, by detecting, protecting and monitoring marine turtles nests.

In Spain, in collaboration with another research project called Nidos-Caretta, dissemination materials are being developed and distributed (see first Poster below). The website and mobile application “Caretta a la Vista” has been promoted and showed great success in notifying as soon as possible the observations of sea turtles and tracks, as well as in mapping turtle nests sightings. Representatives from research centres, MPA management authorities, municipalities and volunteers have participated actively to the dissemination activities. Information on sea turtle nesting biology and recommendations on what to do when finding a sea turtle nest or tracks on the beach, were provided to people likely to observe any.

The partners of the COMING project; Fundació Universitària Balmes, Universitat de Barcelona and Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, are working on the development of “Guidelines for the management of sea turtle nesting sites in the western Mediterranean”. The guidelines will be structured based on the protocol model proposed in the “Methodological guide for the monitoring of marine turtles in MPAs” soon to be published by MedPAN and the MAVA turtle working group.

Data loggers have been deployed in Spanish and Italian beaches in order to study the sand temperatures profiles during the nesting season. Also samples for genetic analysis have been collected and are now being analysed. This will provide information about the origin and viability of the nesting events.

The project COMING is funded by the MAVA Foundation. The project was selected in the framework of the MedPAN Thematic Call for Small Projects on Sustainable Management of Marine Turtles. It started in May 2020 and should be completed by April 2021.

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