Project beneficiary: Albanian Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (ACEPSD) – Albania

Partners: Mediterranean Conservation Society (TURKEY); Association de Gestion Intégrée de Ressources/ Integrated Resource Management Association – AGIR (MOROCCO); Regional Administrate of Protected Areas in Vlore, RAPA Vlore (ALBANIA); Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture (TURKEY); Moroccon Water and Forest Department (MOROCCO); Office Nationale des Pêches / National Fisheries Office – ONP (MOROCCO)

MPAs: Karaburun-Sazan Marine Protected Area (Albania); Gökova MPA (Turkey); Al Hoceima MPA (Morocco)

Context: The team at the Albanian Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (ACEPSD) has been working for over 5 years on the development of sustainable fishing practices and collaboration models in the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Protected Areas, with the support of MedPAN. They have especially worked on making researchers, MPA managers and fishers from Karaburun-Sazan and Torre Guaceto (Italy) MPAs cooperate and share experiences.

Project objective: This project aims at developing community-based surveillance and patrol activities in the MPAs of Karaburun-Sazani (Albania) and Al Hoceima (Morocco), under the guidance of researchers, experienced MPA managers and fishers from Gökova MPA (Turkey). The project will partly consist of adapting and expanding the use of the Marine software program SMART, already employed by Gökova Bay rangers to collect field data (i.e. wildlife observations, illegal activities, patrolling routes). Other activities will include experience-sharing workshops and study visits among the 3 MPAs and the preparation of a Small-Scale Fisheries Codes of Good Practice.

Duration: 18 months

Budget total: 33 000 €

Financed by MedPAN: 24 750 €

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