MedPAN is looking for a video maker to produce a short animation on the challenges of co-management in natural coastal, island and marine areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

This video is part of the communications strategy of the COGITO project gathering the Conservatoire du littoral, MedPAN, the PIM initiative and WWF Mediterranean and funded by the French Global Fund for the Environment (FFEM) and other donors.

All the details can be found in the terms of reference of the animation. All applications need to be received by 21 August 2020.

Questions & Answers

What do you mean by “A synthetic proposal”? Is it a mood-board of the graphic universe or a story board?

For the synthetic proposal, a mood board with a few creative ideas will be enough to give us an idea of the direction we are heading in.

Do we have to make a script proposal for the application?

We don’t expect a script at this level, we can work together later on the script.

From what we understand from the brief, it will be videos with voice-over?

There will indeed be a voice-over.

Can you confirm the possibility of doing the pre-production meetings remotely, by videoconference?

The working meetings can indeed take place by videoconference if necessary.

How was the call for tenders distributed? Is it possible to know the number of companies solicited?

This call for tenders was spread on our website and shared on social media, some partners shared the news on their pages as well.

What does the end of the project in 2021 mean? Will the project be renewed in another form or is it a handover to local players?

We are working on the sustainability of the actions and the engagement of the local actors, so this project will end in 2021.

Do you plan to purchase web space (or possibly TV) for the video?

No, we do not plan on buying webspace. On the other hand, we would like to be free to broadcast the video on social media of the 4 partners and our financers (the FFEM in particular), on our websites or during public events (congresses, film screenings, meetings, etc.). In a non-profit-making framework, of course.

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