Presented during the 2018 MedPAN experience sharing-workshop.

The Côte Bleue Marine Park (PMCB) was one of the precursors in the Mediterranean concerning the deployment of artificial reefs (4.884 m3 of AR), coupled with 2 protected reserves of 295 ha, where all kinds of fishing activities, scuba diving and mooring are prohibited. For 35 years, the Park used both production reefs (7 types of architecture) and protection reefs (5 types of 326 heavy obstacles) spread along 17.5 km, creating barriers against illegal trawling within the 3 nautical miles limit. Deployment of AR and reserves were used as complementary tools which contributed to support the traditional Small Scale Fisheries and protect both resources and habitats.

Powerpoint presentation

Contact: Eric Charbonnel, Parc Marin de la Côte Bleue, France (please contact MedPAN secretariat for details)