Project beneficiary: Uvic-UCC (Fundació Universitària Balmes) – Spain

Partners: Universitat de Barcelona; Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn

MPAs: MPA Costes del Maresme (Spain); MPA Delta de l’Ebre (Spain); MPA Costa degli Infreschi e della Masseta (Italy); MPA Santa Maria di Castellabate (Italy); MPA Isole Pelagie (Italy)

Context: In recent years, a regular nesting activity of the loggerhead sea turtle has been recorded in the western Mediterranean. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) may play a central role on the management of these nesting areas, as they offer favourable nesting grounds, as well as monitoring and awareness-raising opportunities. Nevertheless, MPAs in the western Mediterranean currently lack common protocols to take coordinated management decisions for the survival and resilience of the species in the region.

Project objective: The project aims to use MPAs as a focus point for a coordinated monitoring and management of sea turtle nesting activity in the western Mediterranean, starting with 5 Italian and Spanish MPAs. The objectives of the project are to develop a monitoring and management strategy, carry out research and monitoring activities and increase public awareness on sea turtle nesting events in these MPAs. The project will include the preparation of guidelines for MPA managers in the western Mediterranean or any other MPAs with occasional sea turtles nesting.

Duration: 12 months

Budget total: 21,466 €

Financed by MedPAN: 16,100 €