Project beneficiary: Bado Association – Libya

Partners: Environmental General Authority; Libyan Sea Turtle Program; Libyan Society for Artisanal fisherman Friends; Libyan Society of Bird; Municipal Council (Greater Zuwara Municipality); Onan Resort; Zuwara Youth Hostel; Aquaculture complex of Farwa MPA; Committee of Farwa MPA conservation

MPA: Farwa Marine Protected Area

Theme: Sustainable Management of Marine Turtles

Context: Farwa peninsula is located about 40 km west of Zuwara, adjacent to the Tunisian border, and turns into an island in the winter. The Farwa Marine Protected Area was gazetted in 2009 and is managed by the Libyan Environment General Authority. The site represents one of the most important sites for loggerhead turtle feeding and nesting on the Libyan coastline. Although fishing restrictions exist in the MPA, non-regulatory fishing is a major cause of turtle death in the area, due to fishing nets strangles, bycatch and habitat destruction.

Project objective: In cooperation with the Environment General Authority and in the framework of the Libyan Sea Turtles Conservation Program, Bado Association is working on engaging fishers in sea turtle conservation. This project has for objectives to increase awareness, improve monitoring and enhance the conservation of sea turtles in Farwa MPA. Turtle conservation trainings, awareness raising events and field monitoring campaigns will be organised with local stakeholders to meet these objectives.

Duration: 17 months

Budget total: 27,381 €

Financed by MedPAN: 9,000 €

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