Presented during the 2018 MedPAN experience sharing-workshop.

Currently there is no legal base for community based management in SSF in MPAs in Turkey as in many other Mediterranean countries. Yet, Gökova Bay No Take Zones and fishery restricted areas was established by consensus of the fishing community members. Later the marine ranger system established by Mediterranean Conservation Society empowered community fishers for surveillance and enforcement in close cooperation with Coast Guard and General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Since the NTZs and proper enforcement by community rangers brought solid positive benefits to fisheries, a soft law of co-management process naturally appeared in Gökova Bay. Various follow up fisheries management projects, monitoring activities and government meetings have been held with the participation of local fishing community where officials could get the information at first hand. Economic prosperity enables the fishery cooperatives restating their status and roles where they are proactive on any decision making process. The co-management process in Gökova Bay has been awarded by General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean as the best practice in SSF in Mediterranean and Black Sea. In the future, system could easily be evaluated to have a legal base with government support.

Powerpoint presentation

Contact: Zafer Kizilkaya, Mediterranean Conservation Society, Turkey (please contact MedPAN secretariat for details)

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