Project leader: Samaria National Park – Greece

MPA: Chersonisos Rodopou – Paralia Maleme, Samaria National Park

Theme: Habitat mapping

Context: The Natura 2000 site of Chersonisos Rodopou – Paralia Maleme is located on the north-west coast of Crete and includes an area highly influenced by tourist activities and a more isolated peninsula remote from human activities. Preliminary studies have started to compare the spatial extent of coastal marine habitats, the ecological status of seagrass beds and nesting sites / sightings of loggerhead turtle.

Project objective: The project aims at mapping the coastal marine habitats of the site for the first time and to collect information on the pressures linked to human activities, using various methodologies for data collection: single beam echosounder, scuba diving / snorkeling, and remote sensing. The aim is to use the data collected for the development of management plans and implementation of conservation activities for the loggerhead turtle.

Duration: 12 months

Total budget: 19 000 €

MedPAN financing: 13 000 €

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