Project beneficiary: Association de la Continuité des Générations (ACG) – Tunisia

Partners: Agence de Protection et d’Aménagement du LittoralAPAL; Direction Générale des Forêts – DGF; Municipalité de Ghraiba

MPA: Kneiss Islands Nature Reserve

Context: The Kneiss Islands Nature Reserve is a Marine and Coastal Protected Area under creation, managed by the Tunisian Coastal Protection and Planning Agency APAL and General Directorate of Forests DGF. It is located on the east coast of Tunisia, in the Gulf of Gabès, south of the city of Sfax. The Kneiss Islands archipelago is home to numerous species of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and marine; it is a significant biodiversity hotspot across the Mediterranean. However, ecosystem degradation is observed, notably due to unregulated fishing and tourism activities.

Project objective: The project aims to improve the involvement and commitment of stakeholders (managers, fishermen, local communities, local NGOs) for co-management and promotion of the future MPA. A launching workshop will be organized at the beginning of the project in order to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each person, and will be followed by a workshop on co-management models, a field visit, and a workshop on communication strategies. The expected results include the development and dissemination of an MPA co-management charter and of a communication plan, with the participation of stakeholders.

Duration: 12 months

Budget total: 18 000 €

Financed by MedPAN: 13 510 €

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