Project leader: University of Murcia – Spain

MPA: Cabo de Palos – Islas Hormigas

Theme: Increasing MPAs’ contribution to their territory by supporting the sustainable development of socio-economic activities, particularly fisheries

Background: The Cabo de Palos – Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve was declared in 1995 and its management is shared between the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and the state administration (MAPAMA).

Project objective: This project aims to characterise Marine Recreational Fishing (MRF) around the Cabo de Palos – Hormigas Islands marine reserve (Murcia, Spain), in order to estimate the biological, ecological and socio-economic impact of this activity and to investigate whether the marine reserves of fishing interest influence fishing strategies and tactics. MRF management recommendations resulting from the project will be communicated to the managers through a meeting, including a proposal for a standardised MRF monitoring protocol that can be extended throughout the Mediterranean.

Duration: 12 months

Total budget : 24,794 €
MedPAN financing: 15,000 €