Map of Small Projects

All the projects implemented since 2011 are presented on the interactive map of MedPAN Small Projects. You can click on any marker of the map to learn more about a project. A link to the factsheet, when available, is included under the project description. New factsheets will be added progressively.

Small Projects Factsheets

Factsheets were developed under a new informative and concise format to highlight the results of the MedPAN Small Projects.

A factsheet includes the following elements:

  • the project’s « ID card » (Title, Country, MPA, Beneficiary, Partners, Thematic, Period of implementation, Duration, Total budget, MedPAN financing);
  • a briefcontext on the site’s conservation status;
  • the objectives and main activities of the project;
  • the key outputs of the projects (main results and transferable tools);
  • technical recommendations from the project beneficiary (lessons learned, best practices);
  • future actions planned for the MPA.

So far, six factsheets have been finalised:

These Small Projects were funded by UNEP/MAP (through the MedMPA network project financed by the European Union), the Mava Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

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