Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs), networks of CTFs and networks of MPA managers, at national and regional levels are joining forces at a global level, to create a new alliance and to act as a global community to support effectively managed and sustainably financed MPAs, to support the implementation of the Post 2020 MPA targets.

This Global Alliance for Marine Protection is looking for a consultant to develop this alliance and support answering the 4 questions: “where we are, where we want to be; what we need to do and with whom”.

The consultant will be supervised directly by: MedPAN, RedLAC, EU Ocean Governance project with the support of The MedFund.

Missions of the consultant can be found in the terms of reference.

The proposal must be sent to Marie Romani ( ), Purificacio Canals (, Daniella Celarie ( , Romain Renoux ( by 19 October 2022.


  1. In case of a team of 2 experts: would they invoice to MedPAN separately and will have two different agreements or can we have an agreement with the consultancy Oceanogami?
    It would be one agreement with a joint invoice
  2. Will the kick-off meeting and the final meeting be face-to-face or remotely? If so, will it take place in France?
    Those 2 meetings will be organized remotely
  3. Is there any other travel foreseen during the contract As indicated in the Terms of Reference, there is one travel to be planned in Feb 2023 (IMPAC 5). “The budget available is 25 000 euros all taxes included (from the FFEM COGITO project lead by MedPAN, the GEF “Build Back a Blue and Stronger Mediterranean” project / lead by the MedFund and MedPAN, and from the LIFE NGO Operating Grant lead by MedPAN). This budget includes travel to attend IMPAC 5.”
  4. For the consideration of the taxes, will the invoices be charged to MedPAN in France?
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