MedPAN is looking for a consultant responsible for developing a Policy Paper on Mediterranean MPA’s management effectiveness.

This work will enable to elaborate a policy paper supporting decision-making processes and implementation of policies at local/national/sub-regional/Mediterranean/European/International levels on MPA’s management effectiveness.

The policy paper will integrate subsections on key topics: human networks of MPA managers as well as strict protection/no-take zones, sustainable small scale fisheries management, conservation of mobile species,  sustainable financing and climate change adaptation in Mediterranean MPAs.

This argued document (around 20 pages – with a summary of 5 pages) will highlight key recommendations of the Mediterranean MPA community and will convey messages to integrate them into local, national, European, sub-regional, Mediterranean and International policies.

Have a look at the terms of reference and send your offer to Marianne Lang and Marie Romani before 4 July 2021.

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