Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are recognised as effective tools to protect marine ecosystems and conserve biodiversity while contributing to the sustainable economic development of local communities. While many MPAs have been established in the Mediterranean, most of them remain critically weak and do not ensure effective marine conservation. To address this issue, The MedFund, the environmental fund for Mediterranean MPAs, and MedPAN, the network of Mediterranean MPA managers, have decided to join their strengths and added value to provide a global and integrated support to the management of these protected areas.

Overall description of the project

A unique alliance between a conservation trust fund and a network of MPA managers

To achieve post-2020 MPA targets, MedPAN, the network of Mediterranean MPA managers and the MedFund, the environmental fund for Mediterranean MPAs, are joining forces, together with their partners, at local, national, Mediterranean level and beyond the Mediterranean at global level.
Through the project, entitled “Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean”, more MPAs will be supported by The MedFund to reinforce their management effectiveness. MedPAN will make sure to support the management skills and capacities of MPAs staff and key stakeholders supporting the MPAs. Together, MedPAN and the MedFund intend to boost cooperation in the Mediterranean and beyond, to achieve MPA targets. Synergies will be explored and strengthened with on-going and future initiatives and projects lead in the Mediterranean to reinforce and support MPAs.
Eighty-five percent of non-European Mediterranean MPAs designated and under designation will be supported by the project.

Project key data

  • Project Objective: Strong, effective and sustainable management of Mediterranean MPAs to address global changes and to provide long-term socio-ecological benefits in the Mediterranean in a post-COVID recovery context.
  • Beneficiary countries: Albania, Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, and Tunisia
  • Implementing agency: Conservation International-GEF
  • Executing agencies: The MedFund (Conservation trust fund for MPAs) and MedPAN (Mediterranean network of marine protected areas managers)
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Indicative budget: 5 M$ supported by The GEF International Waters Focal Area; co-
  • financing (in-kind and grants): 34,310,275 M$

The “Build back a blue and stronger Mediterranean” is structured around 4 main components:

  1. Provide long-term financing to 20 nationally designated MPAs and new MPAs under designation process core management costs in Albania, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Montenegro, together with the other funds The MedFund will raise over this period.
  2. Contribute to build the capacity of MPA managers and practitioners as well as to share knowledge within the MPA community.
  3. Strengthen regional / national governance, cooperation and strategies to promote MPAs as solutions to address global changes and provide socio-ecological benefits; create a supportive environment for implementing policy commitments towards MPAs in the Mediterranean, in particular the Barcelona Convention; establish a mechanism to promote, support and monitor the implementation of the Post-2020 Mediterranean MPA Roadmap and support the 4th edition of the MPA Forum; promote the international, regional and national cooperation between MPA managers and other Conservation Trust Funds.
  4. Ensure adaptive management as well as project monitoring and evaluation.

For more information about the project:

  • Romain Renoux, Executive Director, The MedFund:
  • Marie Romani, Executive Secretary, MedPAN:
  • Free de Koning, Vice President, Project Development and Impact, Conservation International: