Project leader: Albanian Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development – Albanie

MPAs:Karaburun-Sazan, Torre Guaceto

Theme: Sustainable management of fisheries

Background: The Karaburun-Sazan Marine National Park and Torre-Guaceto Marine Protected Area were established in 2010 and 1991, respectively. Traditional small-scale fisheries have been successfully involved and integrated in the management of the Torre Guaceto MPA, thereby limiting the impact of this activity on key fish predators, juvenile stages, and benthic communities and habitats

Project objective: Integrating the fishers experience with the MPA managers knowledge for improving the Karaburuni-Sazani MPA and small-scale fisheries management under the guidance of researchers and experienced MPA managers from Torre Guaceto MPA, and together with the fishers of Torre Guaceto MPA.

Duration: 11 months

Total budget: 13,000 €
MedPAN financing: 9 750 €

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