How to set up and fund your project?

BlueSeeds invites MPA managers, funders, NGOs and all interested parties to an online webinar for the release of a new chapter to its Guide on Financing Mechanisms for MPAs. The chapter, titled “How to set up and fund your project?”, tackles the question of fundraising for MPAs, from the perspective of project funding.

The webinar will take place online on 9 November, 15h00 GMT, available in French and English.

As part of the Co-managed No-Take Zones/MPAs project, this webinar aims to present in a practical and concrete way the three steps necessary to set up and finance your marine conservation project: writing your project, selling your project, and building trust with your funders. The floor will be shared between experts from BlueSeeds and the donor community, providing a range of perspectives on the purpose and use of such a chapter and associated directories. A large part of it will be reserved for questions and exchanges. To register, click here