Sixteen new young professionals from 13 Mediterranean countries, and coming from MPA management, research and NGOs, have joined the Mediterranean Marine Conservation Leadership Forum created by WWF Mediterranean with the financial support of the European Union through the MedMPANetwork project and the MAVA Foundation.

This is the second group of marine conservation leaders joining this initiative, all sharing the same passion for the Mediterranean sea and its conservation.

The adventure for the second group started in Bari (Italy) in June 2017, with the first training course dedicated to developing their personal leadership skills and collaborative teamwork. One of the participants said: “it was an eye opening experience to learn about my own leadership capacities and style and the various ways I can work to develop them”. As the group worked through the first training, they expressed their desire to strengthen their communication skills and to learn tools to better communicate their ongoing work on MPAs. This led them to organise an online webinar series about confidence in public speaking and storytelling, by inviting five international speakers specialised in communication to each webinar. The webinar series prepared the group for the second workshop that took place last April in Palamos (Spain). This unique training experience was dedicated to enhancing their communication skills and styles. They were joined and coached by Anne Walton (formerly NOAA) and Richard Taylor-Jones, a professional BBC presenter and cameraman. The participants were challenged with simulating ‘real’ Radio and TV interviews that they will encounter as part of their work, giving them amazing firsthand coaching and strategies as to how to handle these. Throughout these two trainings the group have bonded and grown both as a collaborative team and as individuals.

Author: WWF  Mediterranean