This spring, 4 Mediterranean protected areas will do a second round of testing of the ecotourism packages they developed in the framework of the DestiMED project.

DestiMED provides Mediterranean protected areas and their private sector partners with the tools they need to develop, manage, and promote high quality ecotourism packages, both at local scale and together in a regional network. These products generate positive outcomes for conservation and communities, by strengthening the local economy while minimizing impacts on natural and cultural resources.

If you are interested in joining the adventure and becoming a tester, please fill in this expression of interest form by 8 March. Test participants will be required to provide feedback and advice about the quality, sustainability, and promotion of our packages, and all expenses will be included for test participants, with the exception of airfare to and from the nearest airport and other expenses not included in the package.

Here is a brief overview of the packages to be tested:

  • 15-21 May 2019: Vlora Region, Albania. Where nature and antiquity go hand (Albania South): Walk through natural parks, live like a Lab (local inhabitants), and contribute to the preservation of protected area treasures along the Albanian Riviera. Testers will be required to participate in some physical activity, such as hiking, and should have an average level of fitness plus an ability to swim. Nearest Airport: Tirana
  • 20-24 May 2019: Riviera di Ulysses Regional Park, Italy. Follow the Spirit of Ulysses (Italy): Discover a land where myth meets history and the sea lulls travelers´ dreams. Lose yourself among the suggestive paths of the Mediterranean maquis through engaging in activities that involve all five senses. Nearest Airport: Naples. Test will start from Naples Central Station
  • 24-29 May 2019: Shkodra Region, Albania, Dance with the welcoming beauties of Lezha and Shkodra (Albania North): Your journey will take you to four protected areas in five days, allowing you to explore the unknown, encounter the inscrutable and warm-hearted hospitality of Northern Albania. Testers will be required to participate in some physical activity, such as hiking, and should have an average level of fitness without fear of heights. Nearest Airport: Tirana
  • 3-6 June 2019: Circeo National Park, Italy, Water Tales: Memories and Magic (Italy): Join an immersive experience that follows nature from ancient myth to modern-day transformation, exploring the national park by foot, bike, and kayak. Nearest Airport: Rome FCO, but test will start from Latina Scalo train station (direct link from Roma Termini).

I am applying to be a tester
Deadline: 8 March 2019

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