Author: Marina Gomei, WWF Mediterranean

One year before the 2020 deadline, WWF published an MPA Scorecard to compare the actions Mediterranean countries have taken in implementing conservation policies and creating effective and well-managed network of MPAs.  Results showed that today only 1.27 % of the Mediterranean Sea is covered by MPAs that effectively implement their management plan.

WWF’s analysis highlighted recurring delays and failures by almost all Mediterranean countries in moving from paper parks to well-managed protected areas at sea. For instance, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, and Spain designated a considerable amount of their marine areas for protection, but management measures are still limited to a few small areas or are inadequate to protect biodiversity. Other countries, like Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Israel, Morocco, Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey have limited their management efforts to few or very small MPAs. Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and Monaco have not implemented or endorsed any management or monitoring plan in the areas they have designated for protection. An insignificant portion of the sea, calculated at 0.03 % (no-take zones) is currently fully safeguarded from any human intervention.
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