The world population of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus, is presently estimated to consist of about 700 individuals. The species’ former distribution extended throughout the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Atlantic coasts of NW Africa. Apart from actively reproducing in Greece, Turkey, Mauritania and Madeira, the species is considered extinct in large parts of its former range.

This contribution to the ISEM7 (7th International Symposium of Ecologists, Montenegro, 4-7 October 2017) presents information on the presence of monk seal along the coast of Montenegro over the past three decades, along with a review of historical records. The authors state that the obtained results represent the first evidence of the species’ presence in Montenegro after the 70s and indicate at least the transition of animals from neighbouring countries.

The presented findings outline the importance of the Montenegrin coast within the framework of efforts for the overall conservation of the species, and in the Adriatic Sea in particular.

Panou A, Varda D, Bundone L (2017) The Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus monachus, in Montenegro. In: Pešić, V. (ed) The Proceedings of 7th International Symposium of Ecologists, 4-7 October 2017, Sutomore, Montenegro.