Project beneficiary: Equilibrio marino – Spain

MPA: Special Area of Conservation (SAC) « Acantilados y Fondos Marinos de la Punta de la Mona »

Theme: Habitat mapping

Context: The MPA has been declared a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) within the Natura 2000 network since 2015. The state of marine habitats in the MPA is mainly influenced by fishing, recreational boating and diving.

Project objective: The project aims to map reefs (in terms of species and spatial cover), including rocky marine habitats and substrates of biogenic origin, using snorkeling and diving. The information collected will help complete the MPA management plan with a detailed mapping of the population and distribution of corals. The impact of human activities will also be assessed, which will allow the definition of coral protection and restoration activities.

Duration: 12 months

Budget total: 27 000 €

MedPAN financing: 18 900 €