Presented during the 2018 MedPAN experience sharing-workshop.

This presentation will highlight the work developed by IUCN to assess the socio-economic implications of the arrival and expansion of invasive species populations on artisanal fisheries in Lebanese MPAs. This work conducted by a series of semi-structured interviews estimated the changes in catches and the socio-economic impacts on different fisheries métiers (longliner, gillnets, spear/traps, and trammel nets) along the coastline, revealed the commercial value of some species, the cost damage and the perceptions of different stakeholders. The work also provides important background elements to define a future strategy to mitigate the impact of invasive species in one of the areas most impacted by non-native fish species invasions.

Powerpoint presentation

Contact: Maria del Mar Otero, Ziad Samaha, IUCN (please contact MedPAN secretariat for details)

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