MedPAN participated in the second Steering Committee of the FishMPABlue2 Project, held in Zagreb, Croatia on 16 May 2017.

The project partners (Federparchi, MedPAN, CoNISMa, WWF Adria, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, WWF Mediterranean, IUCN Mediterranean and APAM) met to discuss the progress of the project organised around 5 major work packages : 1. Project management; 2. Communication; 3.Test; 4.Transfer and 5.Capitalisation.

Particular attention was paid to work package 3, which concerns the implementation of pilot projects in 11 Mediterranean MPAs, in order to discuss the methodologies and the timetable for the ecological and socio-economic monitoring planned in these MPAs.

As a reminder, the FishMPABlue1 project (2014-2015) carried out an analysis of artisanal fisheries management in and around MPAs and identified some key elements characterising the conditions for effective management of small-scale fisheries within MPAs.

At the end of the first project, these key elements were grouped together in a toolbox that includes: monitoring / enforcement, presence of fishermen in the MPA management board, involvement of fishermen, activities promoting sustainable fishing, and the existence of a management plan for the MPA integrating artisanal fisheries.

The FishMPABlue2 project aims to test this toolbox in 11 pilot MPAs to demonstrate the effectiveness of the toolbox. In each MPA, the park, in collaboration with artisanal fishermen, will work on one or more key elements (designated by the project as “governance tools”) in order to test them on the ground and evaluate their effectiveness on the expected results in terms of ecological, economic and social benefits for the management of the small scale fishery in the MPA.

Before and after the implementation of these tools, an ecological, economic and social monitoring will be carried out in each MPA in order to analyse the impact of the implementation of these tools.

During this Steering Committee, partners were also able to benefit from the presence of a representative of the PANACeA project (Interreg Med horizontal project, whose main objective is to build a transnational thematic community between 9 modular projects, including FishMPABlue2) and a representative of the CONFISH project (Interreg Med modular project – fish stock recovery network).

An Advisory Committee composed of the Partners associated with the Project was held at the end of the Steering Committee on 17 May. The objective of this meeting was to present the project and the various activities planned within the framework of the 5 work packages as well as to exchange with the Associated Partners in order to collect their comments on the shared documents and to reinforce collaboration.

The partners associated with the project are: GFCM, MedWet, Agence Française pour la Biodiversité, SPA/RAC, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment Spain.

For more information: fishmpablue2 page of our website

The FishMPABlue2 project is co-financed by the Interreg Med program.