Recreational fishing has been practiced for hundreds of years throughout the Mediterranean basin, and is now gathering more and more people, generating an increased fishing effort on the resource. Numerous studies agree on the impact of this activity which strongly threatens the balance of species and habitats (overexploitation, introduction of invasive species, pollution…). The responsibility of managers within Marine Protected Areas is therefore twofold, since they must ensure the preservation of the resource while maintaining socio-economic activities within a logic of sustainable development.

The Cap Corse and Agriate marine Natural Parc in Corsica, France is currently working on the sustainable and reasoned management of recreational fishing. To that end, and to better understand how this activity is managed in the region, they are kindly asking for the input of MPA managers around the Mediterranean.

They have prepared a short questionnaire to understand the practice of recreational fishing in your MPA, the impacts on the resource, and the regulation of the activity if relevant. The questionnaire should not take more than 5 minutes.