The pen shell Pinna rudis is a species protected at European level, just like P. nobilis. However, this species is less common along the Mediterranean coasts than was P. nobilis before the epizootic which decimated its populations. Pinna rudis is more abundant in southern Spanish coasts where it overlaps its distribution with that of P. nobilis and it is only found sporadically along the French coasts.

This paper reviews the occurrence of this pinnid, especially in French coasts, where it occurs in several MPAs such as the Scandola Natural Reserve (Corsica) and Port-Cros National Park (Provençal coast).

The author also states that P. rudis is a climate change indicator species that has become increasingly common over the past 20 years, and highlights that studies on its biology and ecology are rare. It is stressed that such studies, including genetics, need to be undertaken, more so in the current context of rapid changes.

Vicente (2021) Présence de Pinna rudis (Linné, 1758) sur les côtes méditerranéennes. 2021:1-10.